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Victoria Falls Activities

The most exciting part of your trip to Victoria Falls is not only seeing the Falls but actually doing the activities on offer. So what are the Victoria Falls activities that can be done? You will be spoilt for choice my friends – this place has got everything on offer…

The Two Sides – Which side of Victoria Falls is Better?

The great debate continues…

However, it’s actually quite simple.

Answer the following questions and you should have your answers.

Why Are You Visiting?

Some activities can only be done at certain times of the year.

For example, a good safari is best when it’s hot and dry – from August on.

This is because the animals are moving around to look for water.

Is this the best time to visit the Victoria Falls?

It’s not bad (David Livingstone was certainly awestruck when he saw the Falls in October) – but you won’t have the “full curtain” experience with all the smoking thunder and drenching, everyone speaks about.

One of our visitors was so disappointed with her experience at the Victoria Falls. I really felt sorry for her… I think she took one picture during the whole tour.

What Is The Best Time To Visit Victoria Falls – For YOU?

Victoria Falls Activities - Which Side Zimbabwe or Zambia?

Remember it’s seasonal and a lot depends on the rains received further up stream.

It’s usually common for the Zambezi River to start swelling from the November. It’s gradual and by February it’s showing a decent waterfall.

  • Zambia side – February through May
  • Zimbabwe side – Late February through August

The peak is generally in April.

The Waterfall Is At Its Fullest During This Month.

Which means no whitewater rafting, devils pool and some other water-related activities.

But – you get the immersive experience, the weather is cooler this time of year and things are green and lush.

Driest in October – November.

The Waterfall Dries Up In Some Parts And Totally On The Zambia Side.

Which means no breathtaking experience at the Victoria Falls – don’t get me wrong – it’s lovely, just different from the amazing pictures and videos you have been watching.

But – you get to see elephants and many other animals on your safaris. You get to do your water activities.

The weather is hot – but maybe that’s another reason why you are coming – getting away from all that nasty cold and damp gloom!

Well, that’s all folks!

You need to check it all out and decide why you are visiting and what Victoria Falls Activities you will be doing during your trip! 🙂

Victoria Falls Activities Video

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