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20 Day Budget Africa Safari

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Looking for the best deal for your money? This 20 Day African Safari is a steal.

20-Day Africa on a Shoestring Tour – $1,842.00

Travel with us on a stunning 20 day Africa safari from South Africa to Zimbabwe.

Starts in Cape Town and ends in Victoria Falls Zimbabwe. If you don’t mind roughing it a bit and long drives, this is a great way to experience the African countryside.

4 thoughts on “20 Day Budget Africa Safari

  1. This looks like a very good deal indeed, packed full of activities and covering a huge distance. The cost of $1842 (I’m assuming the price is in US dollars) works out at only $90 per day which is very reasonable indeed and I would be keen to find out more about it.

    1. Hi Drinkteahub, 

      Yes it is reasonable hey?  You could easily spend $90 a day just on food and extras.  Yes, it is US Dollars.  Click through and you will get the full itnerary in detail.  I think it would be worth packing light for this trip. 

  2. I’ve always wanted to experience the African Safari as I’m an animal lover and want to meet the animals up close. This looks like the perfect one for me to go for! For a 20-day tour and more than 10 locations, the price seems very reasonable. The camping style suits my outdoor lifestyle. I will definitely be checking it out!

    1. Awesome Joe!  I am sure you will love the tour.  Certainly a good one to see a lot of places and not break the bank.  Hope you go!

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